Weekly Friday Rage: 6/18/21

Weekly Friday Rage: 6/18/21


Manufacturer's websites with videos instead of easily readable instructions. When you do a quick search to find out how to do something simple, like set up ARC on your AVR, it's a four or five step process at most. It could easily just be listed out (maybe with some pictures) but instead Marantz decides to make a 3-minute video with a guy talking slow as shit that I have to scrub through on my stupid phone to find the shit I actually need. Don't get me wrong, videos are great for complex or highly visual tasks (like car repair), but not everything *needs* to be a YouTube video.


Doing PC stuff on a phone. Scrolling through a video bar is a job for a mouse, not a finger. Website pop ups move things around way too much. That megarage cookies thing that every website has to show you every time you load every page fills up the entire screen so you can't do anything until you switch everything off. There's just not enough screen space, so even having both username and password fields is too much to ask a lot of the time. I hate using phones for anything other than shitty mobile games.


Whenever a site leaks your login info, they send you the same fuckin email: don't worry, no personal info was released, just your password, which shouldn't be an issue if you don't reuse passwords on different sites (which everyone obviously does) Just say "we fucked up, sorry, time to change all your passwords". Save the cybersecurity lecture for when you aren't telling your customers you got hacked and lost all their shit


Someone got my password once and fucked up all my accounts with it. It was such a headache that I finally decided to take security advice and have random strings of numbers and letters for all my passwords. Pro- Its secure, and its nice when people give up wheb I tell them my netflix password is G%wAs30_DdV3>0xeV!4 Cons- I dont know any of my passwords by memory, so Im fucked in the event I need to log in to my google account and dont have my phone with me


I prefer passwords like "[email protected]" easy to remember, hard to brute force. if it gets leaked big fuckin deal, dont use it on anything but netflix anyway. it also makes other people uncomfortable using my account. heh


people who include your name in texts. you know who i am, i know who i am, just say whatever stupid shit or ask your question


Some stuff I'm involved in still uses it to communicate, so I still get on Facebook every so often. When you make a comment and someone replies, it tags your full user name in the reply and it kinda drives me nuts. Was it not obvious from the reply being indented from my comment? Whatever


When I have to piss about an hour before I wake up in the morning. 2 hours, or even 90 minutes and I can get back to sleep. Once I hit that one hour mark, my brain won't let me fade out again.


Nice day outside, sitting alone on a bench that’s big enough for 4 people, enjoying the fresh air, a few mins later a guy sits right next to me and starts smoking a cigarette. Also minorities.


My rage this week is my company trying to 'fire up' the employees to go back to the office. Sorry, im not all that jazzed about having to put pants on again in the morning just to commute to a job we've productively been doing from the comfort of our own homes for a year now


I hate when companies try to motivate people at all, it's all so corny, we all know the only thing that motivates people at work is to keep their job or potentially get a raise. Free food is OK but I think people are even jaded to that




Yep. "Oh, we don't have money for raises this year," they say after openly blowing thousands on stupid shit.


Yeah, it does feel really subversive, even if they are trying to genuinely make people happy. It's not like you bumped into the owner of the company at the bar and he paid your tab as a favor, it's this budgeted expense to make people contented. It's fine if you feel you are being paid well, but if you feel you aren't paid well then all the office parties and lunches go through that lens of "why not just give me the cash you spent on this".


"Let's have a LUNCH N' LEARN! You know, that thing where we pay you $5/hr in food so that you can work for us during the one slice of personal time you have during the day?"


Depends on the motivation. Show up to work and get free donuts? nah. Meet a monthly goal and the boss takes the shop to a baseball game, pays for food and beer, and we still get paid for the whole day as if we were still at "work"? Sure. Man I still kinda wish I was working there. Thems was good times.


Yeah if you're getting paid to be there, sure. But if they expect you to go to that game on a Saturday, on your time, then it's not so appealing. Really just coming back to money.


Oh yeah, it was during normal business hours. That dude was pretty cool. Benefits of working at a good small business vs being a megacorp whore.


Fantasy flight games used to have some awesome bbq pork fries before they closed up cause of the coof and their new menu is just their old menu minus all the stuff i liked to eat with stupid nerd names like dragon wings for their chicken wings


Naming foods gay shit should be a rage in and of itself because when you order it you have to debase yourself and I kinda think they do it on purpose. Like calling chicken strips fucking clucks and fries or some garbage like that.


Whats a fantasy flight games? I googled it but it looks like card games, and no pork fries were listed with the cards


they make different card and board games, arkham horror is one of the big brands, used to make warhammer 40k rpgs. They have a store with gaming tables and food. Its been renamed the F-slur-y sounding gamezenter


> warhammer 40k rpgs But GW already does killteam.


the table top rpgs, like dungeons and dragons. Dark Heresy, Only War, Black Crusade etc


> gamezenter Looks like any local gameshop to me. If that's the same place i found online, I highly doubt they *make* anything.


Dick has raged about this before, but people who ask questions that have no purpose. Like, ok, I'll answer the question; and then what? "What were you doing on the computer?" What possible answer are you expecting that will result in any conversation? "I was checking my email" end of conversation. "I was buying headphones" end of conversation. "I was finishing up some work" end of conversation. There is no answer to that question that has any meaningful impact on anything. If there were, I would be telling you instead of you having to ask.